S 1140: Federal Water Quality Protection Act

This bill requires the Department of the Army and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in the interest of protecting traditional navigable waters from water pollution, to adhere to certain principles and take specified actions in proposing any regulation revising the definitions of “waters of the United States” and “navigable waters.”

Nothing in this Act:

  • limits the authority of the Department or EPA to require a permit for any discharge of pollutants to a navigable water under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, or to take any enforcement action with respect to an unpermitted discharge under such Act;
  • affects a determination of whether the transfer of water from one body of water to another requires a specified permit under such Act; and
  • limits the scope of water subject to state jurisdiction under state law.

S 1140 is sponsored by Senator John Barrasso. It was passed by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on July 16, 2015.