HR 5049: NSF Major Research Facility Reform Act of 2016

This bill directs the National Science Foundation (NSF) to maintain a Large Facilities Office to support its research directorates in the development, implementation, and assessment of major multi-user research facilities.

The NSF shall appoint a senior agency official within the Office of the Director responsible for oversight of major multi-user research facilities.

Management fees shall be a portion of an NSF award that covers ordinary and legitimate business expenses, not otherwise allowable under the Cost Principles Uniform Guidance, which are necessary to maintain operational stability.

The NSF may provide such fees under an award only if the awardee has demonstrated that it has limited or no other financial resources available to cover the expenses for which the fees are sought.

The bill:

  • specifies prohibited uses of management fees, and
  • subjects the NSF to the pilot program for enhancement of contractor protection from reprisal for disclosure of certain information.

H.R. 5049 was passed by the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee on April 27, 2016.