HR 1156: International Science and Technology Cooperation Act of 2015

Directs the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) to establish or designate a working group under the National Science and Technology Council that has the responsibility of identifying and coordinating international science and technology cooperation that can strengthen U.S. science and technology enterprise, improve economic and national security, and support U.S. foreign policy goals.

Requires the working group to be co-chaired by officials from OSTP and the Department of State.

Requires the working group to: (1) coordinate interagency international science and technology cooperative research and training activities and partnerships supported or managed by federal agencies; (2) establish federal priorities and policies for aligning such international research, training, and partnerships with U.S. foreign policy goals; (3) identify opportunities for new international research and training partnerships that advance science and technology and U.S. foreign policy priorities; (4) solicit recommendations from non-federal science and technology stakeholders; and (5) identify broad issues that influence the ability of U.S. scientists and engineers to collaborate with foreign counterparts.

Requires the Director to report every two years on the working group’s activities.

H.R. 1156 was passed by the House on May 19, 2015.